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AFENET Field Epidemiologists Hone Their Communication Skills

participants of a communications workshop - photo by Ambush and Studio Although epidemiologists communicate with people every day, their statements are not always documented or broadcast as the definitive word on public health issues. During disease outbreaks, however, field epidemiologists are often the best people to turn to for a reliable explanation of what has happened, where the situation seems to be going, and what if anything people can do to help. To prepare for the types of situations where they may be quoted as leading authorities on public health issues, 14 field epidemiologists representing nine AFENET member countries participated in two, two-day communication workshops to fine-tune their communication skills and ability to respond under pressure. more>>

Philippines H1N1 Vaccination Campaign: Using Mobile Phone Technology

women utilizing mobile phone technology Working in collaboration with Philippines Ministry of Health, AED utilized mobile phone technology to monitor the implementation of the Philippines H1N1 vaccination campaign. Mobile phone penetration is over 80% in Philippines and even higher among the health care workers (HCWs) who participated in the panel. The HCWs were highly committed and cooperative participants, not surprising since mobile phones are now an integral part of their personal and professional lives. Through the mobile platform, AED was able to provide near-real time feedback of key monitoring indicators from over 40 clinics throughout the metro manila area. more>>

AI.COMM End of Project Report - May 2006-November 2009

Field Epidemiology Training - Applied Communication Skills

H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Deployment: Training of Trainers in Cambodia

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